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Help pages of the Phrasetool by Rimpido

At the moment the help pages are in English only!

This whole system is realised as a web-based service. If you are familiar with web services, you shouldn't have too much problems using this tool. One of the principle designs is compatibility to the SAP® EH&S module.

Navigation & Menus

At two positions you will find a menu for navigation through the system:

Main Menu below Company Logo

The main menu can be found directly below the company logo and title text. This menu will unfold if you put your mouse over one of the topics.
The unfolding menu gives you directly access to certain functions, but the main menu bar is also clickable.
The main menu (or the items therein respectively) is defined by the user groups your account belongs to. So more items are accessible after you have been logged in.

Contextual Menu in left Sidebar

The context menu is located at the left sidebar of the page. In this menu you will find function with same or similiar context as the current one.
The current function is highlighted and the menu depends on the current function group (which is similar to the database table) and your user group.
So if you are just using one function group (e.g. translating phrases) you may consider the context menu in the sidebar more useful than clicking in the main menu.


Help Pages on certain Topics

If you are in trouble with any of the webpages and functions of the Phrasetool by Rimpido, please consider these help pages for a detailed description of functions and presented data. To get further information and help about the Phrasetool by Rimpido and the functions therein, please select one of the following topics:

Please note: Some of the help pages are available for selected usergroups only.